Traditional Ayurveda

Today, Ayurveda is primarily known as a wellness concept. However, less well-known is the concept of Ayurveda as a holistic health system. Ayurveda is the oldest traditional medical system in the world. Its’ roots extend into the Vedic high culture of India, over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda means „life-knowledge“, „life-wisdom“ or „life-science“. The science is based on personality types. The focus is not on the treatment of illnesses but on the person who is suffering from an illness, and his human nature.


Ayurveda / Stress Management / Psychological Counseling
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Ayurveda treatments
Get to know Ayurveda

Give yourself a break! Forget your obligations and focus on yourself for a few days! These offers serve as the perfect introduction to the world of Ayurveda.

Abhyanga – ritual

(Full-body massage with pre-treatment and subsequent detox bath)

Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

(Information on Ayurveda and detailed consultation on your physical constitution; duration approx. 4 hours!)

Delicious vegetarian menu
(restaurant “Rosengarten” at Schlossgut Oberambach)

Fixed rate + 3-course menu


Introductory talk
Pulse diagnosis
Determination and consultation on your physical constitution
1 x Abhyanga
(Full-body massage)

1 x Upanaha or Udara
(Ayurvedic back or abdominal treatment with herbs)

1 x Padabhyanga
(Foot massage ritual, 1 concluding discussion)

Fixed rate 


Bookable for at least 2 nights

Introductory talk
Pulse diagnosis
Determination and consultation on your physical constitution
1 x Abhyanga
(Full-body massage)

1 x Upanaha or Udara
(Ayurvedic back or abdominal treatment with herbs)

1 x Padabhyanga
(Foot massage ritual, 1 concluding discussion)

1x Marmamassage
(Vitalizing and harmonizing massage)

(Facial and head massage + “gemstone laser treatment”)

Concluding discussion

Fixed rate


Bookable for at least 4 nights

 “Chi va piano va sano e va lontano”

Going slower means going healthy and going far!

Are you under pressure? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you suffer from stress-related symptoms? Would you like to finally breathe easy? Are you trying to find yourself? Would you like to change something? Ayurveda offers you a truly sustainable concept … wonderfully relaxing and energizing treatments with highly effective oils and herbs, which have a positive and stimulating effect on the entire neural system. Feel like yourself again and find out what you really need! I warmly invite you on this journey of discovery!

Exemplary ayurvedic treatment concept for 7 days:

(Please note that this is only an exemplary treatment. In order to reach your personal goals, the treatment schedule will be prepared individually on arrival!)

1 x Ayurvedic constitutional determination and consultation

2 x abhyanga – full-body massage

1 x Akshitarpana – special ayurvedic eye treatment for stress and fatigue symptoms

2 x Partial Abhyanga + Shirodhara – partial body treatment + forehead oil treatment – synchronized treatment

1 x Upanaha back treatment + herbal treatment

1 x Padabhyanga – foot massage ritual

1 x Marmamassage – for deeply rooted blockages and tensions, as well as psychosomatic conditions

1 x Stress Management Consulting – situation-related and individualized!

Ayurvedic medicinal plants and tonics are included in the treatment course! Meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises complete the program (on request!). This treatment boosts your energy and stabilizes your stressed nerves!

Fixed rate for 7 days:


Bookable for at least 7 nights

A comprehensive treatment plan is required to successfully lose weight. It includes an effective nutrition and exercise program that is intensified and supplemented by highly effective treatments and massages, nutritional supplements and psychological support. A treatment schedule will be tailored to the individual needs of each participant, that enables a holistic and permanent weight reduction and promotion of health.

Sometimes the body has a reason to hold on, we do not trust it, and try to forcefully fight the pounds… Let us work out a peaceful, respectful and loving alternative!

Ayurveda massages and detox treatments for tissue reduction and tightening:

1 introductory talk, detailed type assessment and consultation

1 x Abhyanga – full-body massage ritual

1 x Garshan Massage – Stimulating silk glove massage + oiling

1 x Udvartana – powder massage + oiling

1 x Jambira Pinda Sveda – Lemons – Coconut – Herbal massage – synchronized

1 x Kalari – stimulating, activating & harmonizing massage

5 x Svedana – detox bath post-treatment

1 x final consultation, dietary advice

Daily physical and mental training, psychological support on request (incl.). Ayurvedic medicinal plants and tonics are included in the treatment course! Our hotel kitchen accompanies this program with a light, vegetarian cuisine according to Ayurvedic principles!

Fixed rate for 5 days


Bookable for at least 5 nights

The Sanskrit term „Rasayana“ was originally used in the Charaka-Samhita (CS), the oldest and most significant text of Ayurveda, and literally means “the path to or the realization of (an optimal condition of) tissues”. Thus, a good translation of Rasayana may be: “tissue regeneration”.

Rasayana strives for a healthy, happy, youthful and long life.

In Ayurveda, Rasayana can be used to find effective approaches to promote mobility and energy, to strengthen the immune system, the ability to perform and enjoy, as well as finding balance and inner satisfaction. By “rejuvenating” the biological age, premature aging processes on the physical and mental level can be delayed, stopped or even reversed.

Through Ayurveda, however, we also learn to accept our mortality. To optimize the physical and mental quality of life at every stage of life is more important than stopping the aging process.

Rasayana is often equated with “magical” and “legendary” rejuvenation drugs. In fact, it is a comprehensive concept that combines different ayurvedic procedures. Medicinal plants, massages, detoxification procedures, relaxation techniques, even mental and spiritual methods are available to the Ayurvedic therapist.


  • keeps the doshas in balance
  • regenerates & stabilizes the tissues
  • strengthens metabolism (Agni) and digestion
  • improves sleep
  • eliminates physical and mental fatigue, impotence and weakness
  • promotes health
  • retains youth
  • enhances beauty and radiance
  • promotes a healthy living

Rasayana can be used for:

  • Prevention & Health Promotion
  • Detoxification, vitalisation, weight reduction
  • Strengthening the neural system
  • Stress management, strengthening the immune system
  • Strengthening the joints, the spine and the entire back muscles
  • Anti-Aging
  • Regeneration & rehabilitation after illness

Ayurvedic herbs and tonics are included in the treatment course! The daily treatment takes 2½ -3 hours. Individualized, professional and competent counseling and psychological support are added to the treatment program. We offer meditation, relaxation and physical exercises on request. (Included in the price!) The treatment plan is carefully designed at the beginning of the course, according to your constitution and needs. We may provide you with samples of Rasayana treatment plans on request. Please send an email to:

Fixed rate for 5 days


Bookable for at least 5 nights

Fixed rate for 5 days


Bookable for at least 7 nights

Back-Fit program:

The back is a reflection of our lives. It carries physical, but also mental and psychological burdens. The problems that have manifested in the back over the years can be solved through special massages. This enables the energy to rise freely from the pelvis and to reach the central regions of the body unimpeded. Techniques adapted to the individual as well as high-quality oils are used to reach this state.

  • 3 days of special strengthening of the spine to release blockages and tensions and to let the energy flow again
  • Fixed rate for 3 days 390, –
  • Bookable for at least 2 nights!

Strengthen your joints for more mobility!

In Ayurveda the joints are special places of happiness that enable us to express inner joy through movement. But joints may also be „special places of misfortune” for anybody whose joint issues cause pain that prevents them from living a happy life.

Joint pain belongs to the broad spectrum of rheumatic diseases. To classify the issues according to the principles of Vata, Pitta and Kapha helps the person to recognize their own conditions. Ayurveda offers a variety of exercises, treatments, dietary suggestions, advice on lifestyle and prophylactic options.

These support or even replace conventional treatments. Your joints will become a place of happiness!

To relieve symptoms, special treatments according to Kalari tradition can be effectively integrated into this health program.

Spezialbehandlungen nach der Kalari- Tradition

können zur Linderung von Beschwerden effektiv in dieses Kurprogramm integriert werden.

  • Kalari Uzhichil: full-body massage for stimulating and cleaning the marma points
  • Kalari Kizhi: a relaxing massage with herbs to treat stiff, aching joints and hardened muscles
  • Marmani Pathi: strengthening herbal-resin treatment or bandage for arthrosis, arthritis, injuries to the marma points
  • Khadi Vasti: oil enema for sciatica neuralgia, movement restrictions of the spine
  • Lepa: herbal paste which is applied locally to joints or muscle parts. Treats inflammation or weakness of joints and muscles.

Fixed rate for 5 days


Bookable for at least 5 nights

Fixed rate for 7 days


Bookable for at least 7 nights

We often seek the answers to our questions in the external world … But we can find them only within ourselves. Only we know who we are and what is good for us. Unfortunately, we have forgotten how to look at the inside, we have lost the connection … You don’t know how to go any further? You are standing in your own way?

Recognize your real goals and talents. Realize your full potential instead of restricting and sabotaging yourself. Explore the unconscious inner strategies and blockages that disable you from leading a healthy, conscious and happy life.

Increase your joy in life, health and awareness!

Intense Ayurvedic treatments and jointly developed problem-solving strategies support this process. Start NOW!:

1 Introductory talk

1 x Abhyanga – full-body massage & working on the issue

1 x Kundalini – back massage & working on the issue

1 x Systemic Massage & concluding discussion

The treatment of your joints may be accompanied by the following methods:

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Breathing exercises
  • Communication with the subconscious mind
  • Physical exercises
  • Gestalt techniques
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment with aromas

Fixed rate


Bookable for at least 3 nights

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