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Münsing gourmet hike

Hike and enjoy

Without much effort, you can hike through forests, meadows and along the lake shore and enjoy fine regional specialties in the Hotel Schlossgut Oberambach and two other local restaurants and pubs.

The easy gourmet hike with a pure walking time of 2.5 hours takes you through forests, meadows and along the lake shore. On the way, stop by three restaurants and inns on the east bank of Lake Starnberg and enjoy fine regional specialties in the form of a multi-course menu.

The “Starnberger See gourmet hike” starts at the church in Holzhausen. After an aperitif at Schlossgut Oberambach, head to Landgasthof Huber, where the first hunger is satisfied with a fish soup or a salad.

If you like, you can also have the main course here. You can choose between meat, whitefish (a so-called wild catch from Lake Starnberg), other fish dishes or a vegetarian dish.

Then march on through Ambach. Along the shores of Lake Starnberg to the Buchscharner Seewirt, the southernmost point of the Münsing Gorumet hike, where you can take the main course, if you have not already done so. Here you can enjoy the culmination of the menu with a dessert. Alternatively, you can take this again at Schlossgut Oberambach. The way back leads over a promising hill to Holzhausen.

Participating Hotels

Hiking for gourmets: The gourmet hike is possible all year round. We kindly ask you to make a reservation for the gourmet hike.Das Menü kostet € 43,50 pro Person. Vouchers for the gourmet hike are available from reception and ONLINE from Oberland experience. If you have any questions, call 08151 970 265 /

Oberambach Castle Estate

(Aperitif / dessert)
Tel. 08177-9323

Landgasthof Huber am See

(Starter / main course)
Tel. 08177-9320

Buchscharner Seewirt

(Main course / dessert)
Tel. 08801-2409

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Course of the gourmet hike in Münsing

  1. Park your car on the Parking lot in front of the church in Holzhausen. A small hiking trail leads you to the
  2. BIO HOTEL Schlossgut Oberambach, where you can enjoy the view over Lake Starnberg to the Zugspitze with a stimulating aperitif.
  1. An idyllic path then leads you to the lake and to the road. If you keep left here you will soon reach the LANDGASTHOF Huber am See. There you can either enjoy a starter salad or “Huber's fish soup”. This house specialty is made from various game fish, king prawns, vegetables and saffron in a wine brew. You now have the choice of enjoying the main course here or strolling further south along the lakeshore.
  2. If you continue your hike, you will pass this Chapel of Our Lady and the Hungarian gate.
  3. Behind it is the "Villa Bonsels", which was named after Waldemar Bonsels. The "father" of the famous "Maya the Bee" lived here for a long time.
  4. Let them Ship landing stage and the guest house to the Fischmeister behind you and walk along the shore, past the campsite through the Ambach recreation area.
  5. This will take you directly to the Buchscharner Seewirt. If you have not yet eaten a main course, you now have the opportunity to do so. Otherwise, go straight to dessert. (The dessert can also be taken at Schlossgut Oberambach until 9 p.m.)

After completing the menu, make your way back. First it goes back in the direction of the ship landing stage. Here you follow the Luigenkamerweg to the east, keep left and follow the path to the BIO HOTEL Schlossgut Oberambach. The hiking trail behind the bathing pond finally leads you back to the starting point of your pleasure tour.