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Biohotel Am S.tarnberger lake

the Oberambach Castle Estate

The Schlossgut Oberambach is located on a hill from which a wonderful view of Lake Starnberg and the surrounding Alpine panorama awaits you.

A short walk away you can relax right on the shore at our private lake property for guests. Here you will find sun loungers and a small fire pit. For us one of the most beautiful places on Lake Starnberg.


starnberger Lake

As the fifth largest lake in Germany, Lake Starnberg has many more magical places in store for you. If you like it sporty, you can swing into the saddle and explore all the sights in one day via the 46-kilometre circular route around the lake. For comfortable, environmentally friendly travel, we provide you with high-quality trekking bikes and e-bikes for hire. But even if you prefer to take it easy, there are many attractive options.

Start with a boat trip on Lake Starnberg: the closest docking point to our castle estate is Ambach. From here you can quickly reach the western shore of Lake Starnberg. The Roseninsel is located near Feldafing - probably the only place on earth that is also a green UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses an old casino.

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Vacation on

starnberger Lake

At the northern end of Lake Starnberg, 25 km southwest of Munich, the district town of Starnberg beckons. Here, marvel at Starnberg Castle, home to the Ministry of Finance, and stroll along the picturesque promenade. Enjoy a hot coffee on the shore of Lake Starnberg!

In town, at the SUP Club Starnberg, you'll find the perfect opportunity to try a new sport: stand-up paddling. The club offers a 3-hour tour of Lake Starnberg, which takes you past two other attractions at the same time: the villa colony in Pöcking and Possenhofen Castle, where Empress Sissi once lived.

Sailing, fishing, rowing boats - Lake Starnberg offers you numerous opportunities to spend relaxing hours in the open air. The only thing that will probably be difficult on Lake Starnberg is ice skating. The lake is so deep and has so few alpine tributaries that the water temperature falls only slowly in winter - and rises hesitantly in summer. If you are planning a dip in the cool water, you should be prepared for particularly refreshing temperatures. In almost every place on the lake - whether in Starnberg, Berg, Tutzing or Feldafing - you will find a wonderful spot of water to let yourself drift.

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